The Mortgage Ladder

We’ve all heard of the property ladder but not The Mortgage Ladder.  As most people’s financial circumstances improve and their families grow, so the size of their properties grow too (well generally anyway!).  It’s the same with the mortgage market.  Over time we all expect our income to grow and we’d also expect the amount of equity in our properties to grow.  As this happens, the mortgage deals available to you will generally improve.

It’s our job to ensure that whatever your circumstances, you get the best mortgage deals available to you at that time…and therefore, help you move up The Mortgage Ladder.

Our success is based on the advice and service that we provide.  We are not sales people.  We provide no obligation advice that is tailored to our clients’ needs.

That’s why the majority of our new clients come from recommendations.

Also, we provide an on-going service.  We’ve helped many of our clients to find a mortgage for their first purchase and we’ve then helped them again when their fixed rate has come to an end or they have moved to a bigger property.

The mortgage market is very complex.   Lending criteria differs greatly from lender to lender.  Our experience and expertise is vital in finding the lenders and mortgage deals available to you.  This allows us to truly maximise your options

And it’s not just finding the best available mortgage that we assist with.  If you agree to proceed with the mortgage, we handle the whole application process including documentation and liaising with the lender, estate agent and solicitor.

The first step is to contact us.  Appointments are available Monday to Saturday at our offices in Hockerill Street, Bishops Stortford.

We’re not sales people, we provide no obligation mortgage advice, tailored to your needs.